Changing the Nigerian narrative

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Samuel Stephen

Samuel works with Procare and writes articles about displaced children from Northern Nigeria.

Since February 2021 Procare is working toward building an orphanage for 32 displaced children by the religious crisis of Northern Nigeria. The construction of the orphanage takes to consideration security, healing from traumatic experience, community based approach and economic stability for livelihood. In the plan is also a separate place for the custodian, a family looking after them. 

Procare will provide funding of the orphans’ education to the end of tertiary education. This mission is unique in that an orphanage is a place for livelong upbringing where the narrative of hopelessness experienced by Nigerian youths is changed. 

The children should experience first hand that Nigeria is a place of joy and hope, rather than despair and poverty. In our mission, we will provide quality education, free healthcare and available nutritious food in addition to comfortable housing. By experiencing the possibilities of “making it in Nigeria” as most thought impossible, they will be inspired to think and act differently. 

Education will be provided, including hiring after class teachers for the older children to be brought up to speed. Our educational partner has made necessary plan to help them start learning once they are brought into the orphanage. 

Plans are underway to provide ongoing trauma counseling sessions by counselors with cultural perspective surrounding their reality. 

Procare also partners with local agricultural business to provide for their sustenance. The farming project is projected to carter for the needs of the orphans until they come to the age they can work and provide for themselves. Measures were discussed to counsel them through courses of studies with high chances of career at the end, and then to integrate their knowledge in helping their local communities thrive in specific areas. We hope to expose them to various opportunities in areas of needs so that they may conceive burden for the betterment of their communities. 

Procare is still collecting donations to complete the construction of  orphanage. The children are expected to come by August and start a  school term by September. You are invited to share this page and promote our cause. Donations could be made using the “donate” button on top or bottom of this page. 



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