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Samuel works with Procare and writes articles about displaced children from Northern Nigeria.

Number of children in middle school spend hours preparing the the soil for potato planting. These children are displaced by war and often go without any food. They seek to find some hope through farming, currently a part of their practical session on agriculture. 

Of the many reasons their future is still endangered is perhaps proper feeding. If they are lucky the produce may last them a month at most. This unsustainable pursuit by daring to live next to nothing will add them to a redundant poverty cycle millions in the country are going through already. 

Even children with better prospects through proper education could find themselves right into poverty after years of studies. What story will be of children with even slim chance of surviving the moment let alone the future? There is a subdued agitation from within most of the displaced children, one that could be aggravated by simple lack of food. 

Though in poor conditions, they have education and housing. Having come this long at very young ages meant a chance for better life is already at stake. To make the future count better a sustainable means of feeding is necessary. Farming is a great way to help reduce unnecessary strive created by poverty. Being a state of mind, it will still remain at large if resources are lacking to facilitate proper agriculture. 

For one there is clean water. Solar powered water pumping system. Though temporary and often inefficient, it provides for good beginning.  

With water pumping system already in place the children need energy to continue this tedious work on the potato farm. The boy in this picture only had soy beans pudding (something like corn meal in boiling water) for the whole day. Hardly enough for manual farming strength. 

During a visit in February 2020, Procare learned that about 400USD will provide a dense protein packed beans and bread as shown below. The amount will be enough for one month for 70 children.

Not only do they need stomach filling food for farming, but also for them to be able to study well at school. Plans are underway to partner with Sustainable Ideas into investing in poultry farming. Procare has procured a piece of land for this profitable venture to start. Research was made and projection into a future where the children can feed from this project. 

Sustainable Ideas ( is operational since 2016 with about 300 chickens. Procare’s motivation for partnership will ensure:

-Adequate manpower from the side of Sustainable Ideas.

-Promise of security and trust having established that personally with workers over the last 4 years. 

-Economically viable vendors for feed supplies at competitive cost.

-Common vision to support the orphans Procare is currently taking care of. 

-Scalable partnership for future expansion

The nature of cases of the children under Procare calls for a reliable and lasting approach to provide them with better feeding and housing. 

While plans are underway with Sustainable Ideas, donations could be made to either directly support their monthly routine of about 400USD or investment in the partnership for a more permanent solution. In any case, you are invited to support financially.

The “donate” button on the footer of this website will enable you send financial support.


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