About us

Our Story

In 2016 Joshua and Samuel visited some camps for displaced children in Jos. The situation was dire as they lacked clean drinking water, had irregular feeding programs and were in over-crowded rooms. The location was at the YWAM base in Jos. Procare was founded in 2017 in response to needs like this. 

In 2019, Procare a campaign was launched that supported about 75 children living there, starting with one meal per day to 3 meals in the course of about 8 months. Procare helped provide a financial foundation for this camp for one year, as well as occasional support for their education and clothing.

In 2021 Emma and Samuel had a vision to start a safe house under. The project was successful through a partnership with Abba Shelter for Children and the Needy. The building can contain about 32 children and a separate room for a family to stay and watch over them always. 

What is ProCare

ProCare is a multi-faceted non-for-profit in Nigeria registered in April 2017. Since then it has partnered with other organizations to accomplish the goal of providing stability in communities affected by Boko Haram. 

It started as response to the aftermath of Boko Haram extremism in the north of Nigeria. The Islam extremist group abduct school children, train children to fight in their religious group, kill people and promote physical and sexual violence. About 2 million children were displaced as a result of their attacks.

ProCare works by networking among communities that share interest in caring for displaced children and in some cases their parents. The construction of the safe house was also a deliberate decision to tactically return the children to their communities with a vision to help change things for better. 

About the Founders

Samuel and Emma are ProCare staff. They currently work with project for children displaced by terrorism from northern Nigeria. It includes coordinating with contacts to provide food, housing, healthcare and education for the children.

They believe in the future of the children and their potential to become leaders that will work to develop their local communities in the future. Currently they are also in partnership with Abba Shelter that provide the children with all that they need for the type of future envisioned. 

Samuel and Emma are married and are living in Germany.

Joshua and Melanie are member of ProCare and live in Germany with their four children. They network with individuals and groups about ProCare. Joshua is passionate about championing youths in Nigeria to start trades for economic stability. 

His vision is to start a center for skill acquisition that are immediately applicable and marketable upon completion. He believes that skillful youths is a way to minimize crime and corruption. When people can rely on their abilities to provide for themselves and their families, they will have a reason to focus on something worthwhile instead of becoming nuisance to society.